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One of the most common and profitable ways to enhance your business is automatization. Our experienced IT Consultant will:

> Identify underlying issues, problems and opportunities  of your business
> Establish strategy for completion of automatization process, develop key success factors
> Define new & enhance existing business processes and ensure client satisfaction
> Recommend best practices, choose best technologies, and estimate profitability
> Ensure successful completion of project with high quality, within budget, and on time

IT Consulting

Contemporary Web Site Design
and Development

In today's reality, in order to stay competitive, every company must have Web presence. Developing your own outstanding web site is inevitable. Your website has to be reflection of your business objectives and needs. Best way of achieving this is to work with Website Development team. Expert will research, plan, design and create functional and dynamic graphical presentation (look-and-feel) of your site, and then launch and maintain it.



Web Site



Business Analysis (BA)

If you are asking yourself how to make your company more profitable, the answer is simple. You need a Business Analyst specialist.

Good BA will review and carefully analyze business processes and workflows to identify bottlenecks, waist of resources, risks and opportunities in your organization. BA will recommend the best course of action based on available resources and budget. Moreover, BA will design new or re-design existing processes and create all specifications and documentation in order to allow enhancements.


Analysis (BA)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If you want to build your reputation and visibility online, you need to develop a content marketing campaign and build your own online audience. Our specialist will develop a deep understanding of your potential customers, their web interactions with your brand and analyze your audience demographics. We will implement the most effective social marketing strategies for your intended audience to create their engagement with your products and services.

Search Engine


(SEO) and

Search Engine

Marketing (SEM)

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IP-based Security

In response to the demands of safety-related incidents and to improve our customers' protection through the use of innovative IP-based security solutions supplied with new generation of technical equipment we collaborated with industry leader and as a result proud tootier to our customers best IP video surveillance systems that exist on the market.

IP-based Security